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Friday, January 10, 2014

In Vancouver schools, you can teach "Critical Thinking" even if you lack the capacity for critical thinking


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Bill #2 said...

For those of you who think that Critical Thinking is about rational analysis of ideas and processes: it's not. Critical Thinking is applying the methods of the philosophy of the Frankfurt School's Critical Theory to a situation; essentially a way of bringing in the ideals of communism as a solution to any situation. The term has been carefully crafted so the average person who is told that their children are being taught Critical Thinking believe that they are being taught to approach all issues rationally and with a skeptical frame of mind. They are not being told that this Critical Thinking exists to denigrate all non-communist thoughts, principles, structures and elements of society in the belief that when these collapse, the utopia of a communist society will arise out of these ashes. I wonder if this History teacher teaches about the failure of every attempt at communism - or will the students just be told that every failure was due to 'not enough Communism?' or it was not 'done right'.