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Friday, January 17, 2014

Idiotic, radical student unions using student funds to support the nutcase, so-called ``Canadian Peace Alliance``

From Karl Marx Was Wrong:

The Ryerson Students’ Union is a member of a highly controversial organization called the Canadian Peace Alliance (CPA).  The Canadian Federation of Students (and CFS-Ontario), the York Federation of Students, and the University of Toronto Students’ Union are also listed as CPA members.

The CPA is an organization with extremely radical views.  

A resolution on the agenda for the CPA’s upcoming convention from January 17-19 reads, “…Whereas North Korea has a program of peaceful reunification with the South, Whereas it is the U.S. at the head of NATO who is the real threat to peace on the Korean peninsula, Be it resolved that we will support the Korean people who are doing nothing but defend their sovereignty…”  Other resolutions speak of the Harper government’s “warmongering agenda” and “warmongering policies”, and claim that “the Harper government is consolidating Canada as an aggressor State and a partner-in-crime of the U.S.”  

So apparently, the Canadian Peace Alliance’s idea of peace is to be less like that evil warmonger Stephen Harper and more like that peaceful leader Kim Jong Un (who recently executed his uncle)....

More on the Communist crackpots at the ``Canadian Peace Alliance`` HERE and HERE

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