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Monday, March 25, 2013

Ass Gate Update: Barbara Amiel discloses Sarah Thomson offered Conrad Black sex in exchange for an interview

In her recent column in Macleans, Barabara Amiel, who is the wife of Conrad Black, wrote:
Turning to a local farce, I find it hard to envisage Sarah Thomson and Mayor Rob Ford addressing each other sexually. However, Ford allegedly had a lapse of incredibly bad taste and clasped the bottom of Ms. Thomson during a photo lineup at a party.This happened on the eve of International Women’s Day, which Ms. Thomson felt made it all the more degrading for her buttocks...

Around 2002, publisher Thomson offered, using normal scatology, to “bed” my husband in return for him granting an interview to her newspaper. Though the proposition did not intrigue him, Conrad found it very enterprising and endorsed her for mayor in the last election.   
That disclosure reveals the solution to the mystery of why Black endorsed Thomson in her Toronto mayoral bid against Rob Ford.

UPDATE 1: Interestingly, if Amiel's timeline is correct and depending on when the "alleged`proposition occurred, it would be just around the time of Thomson`s marriage. 

UPDATE 2: In her vanity paper, The Women`s Post, Ms Thomson describes her disgust about how, after doing a media tour accusing Toronto`s Mayor Ford of a sexual assault charge that defied credulity, anyone would dare challenge her.

UPDATE 3; al Starzeera, desperate to attack Toronto Mayor Rob Ford at every opportunity, has published an attempt to mitigate Thomson's proposition..""it was just a joke."

That begs the question, was her late night facebook posting, upon returning from a night of revelry,  of the picture of she and Ford where she claimed her grabbed her posterior 'just a joke' from which she couldn't extricate herself without losing face?

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rick mcginnis said...

Amiel has a profound sense of the worth of a woman's sexual currency, so this should give you some idea of why she decided to reveal this. She's not just being frank for her own amusement.

Richard K said...

O tempora! O mores! How standards have fallen in the last few years!