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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nominate Brian Lilley`s CBC Exposed for the CBC Book Awards

That`ll show 'em!

Brian Lilley's book covers waste and corruption that Canadian taxpayers subsidize to the tune of one billion dollars each year.

You can nominate CBC Exposed as best Canadian book of 2012 through THIS LINK. (UPDATE  - March 28 - the CBC has killed the nomination page - it had 37 comments - 34 of them nominating CBC Exposed and they had hundreds of "plus ratings")

Copies of the book can be purchased through Amazon and Chapters Indigo.

h/t Matthew L.

Update: and for those interested in doing more good works, you can find out about sponsoring a ride for cancer research here

UPDATE 2: The Ceeb website has closed comments on the awards...not hard to figure out why.


The Hammer said...

LOL. All but one of the comments on the nomiation page say they voted for CBC Exposed.

Richard K said...

Hilarious! Small Dead Animals linked to this and Blazing Cat Fur did his own version.

If the CBC dared to do a "People's Choice," CBC Exposed would win hands down

Anonymous said...

I voted yesterday from another link. I sent your link and Kathy's to Don Laird to distribute through his vast network of hate mail to get more traction. I hope it wins...and if it does, it'll probably just turn out to be another variation on the "Best Blog Award" retracted a-la-CPAC.

The Gentile

JeffDG said...

They open voting (and presumably announce the "nominees") tomorrow.

The Hammer said...

Any word on what came of this?

JeffDG said...

I'm shocked that CBC Exposed didn't make the cut for the vote.

Richard K said...

The Fix was in from the beginning!