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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Iranian shills at Press TV want Ben Affleck hanged for War Crimes

Yeah, you read that headline right. They want Ben Affleck, that Ben Affleck, hanged for 'war crimes."

The reason Iran's shills want the Hollywood star punished is for making the Academy Award-winning Argo, which they say could lead America to a war with Iran.

The article was done by the lunatic 9-11 conspiracy theorist Kevin Barrett, who writes for an innocuously named anti-Semitic, online clearinghouse for mentally unbalanced bigots called Veterans Today.

His article appeared in Iran's English language propaganda service, Press TV.

The idiots at Press TV also think Affleck could be convicted of war crimes for his role in making Pearl Harbour.

Evidently, film criticism in Iran has reached the levels of tolerance they show to Gays in that brutal, authoritarian, Islamofascist country.

While the Iranians and their stooges are way off base on Argo, which was a good movie, they might have a point on the dreadful Pearl Harbor. But hanging seems a bit severe for being in a crappy movie. Although after seeing Gigli, 10 lashes for Affleck at the time did seem like a reasonable retribution sacrificing almost two hours for that drek. But clearly Ben has rehabilitated himself since then.

Mark Steyn has some interesting observations about this you can read at The National Review online.

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