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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CBC supports Israeli Apartheid Week-promoting hate site, rabble.ca

UPDATE MARCH 6 1:04 PM; A friend who understands these things just sent me a tip that the ad on rabble's page for "Jack" is hard-coded or inserted on the server side, which suggests rabble may have inserted it without CBC's permission but as of yet it is uncertain.

In either case, the CBC invited the hatemongers from rabble to a special preview screening of the film. Who better to serve as sycophants for a feature length commercial for the New Democratic Party?


The website rabble.ca is paid for primarily with funding from unions and NDP-linked organizations like the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and is published by the same-sex spouse of the New Democratic Party's Deputy Leader, Libby Davies.

So where better for the CBC to advertise its tax-funded paean to deceased NDP leader Jack Layton than the online mouthpiece for his party's radical wing.

Except advertising from commercial or outside sources is a very rare thing on rabble.Which is no surprise, since any credible organization would eschew association with something that has billed itself as the "media-sponsor" of the anti-Semitic Israeli Apartheid Week.

It's therefore a little surprising that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is using tax dollars to subsidize rabble's hate by paying for ads there.

Then again, maybe not...

UPDATE: rabble's union stooge commentator who compared Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Adolf Hitler and Conservative policies to the Nazi Holocaust gets a big spread in rabble lavishing fawning praise on the CBC's hagiography to Layton.

It seems missing from the production is information the type of cancer to which Layton succumbed and the real reason it was never disclosed.


The Hammer said...

I saw that on Rabble today. Also noticed something rather ironic. Right above a "review" of the film "Jack" is an article full of praise for the late Hugo Chavez. The article praises Chavez for being "Undefeated" in elections. Which I find curious when you go on the read an article praising someone as a national hero who never led his party to an election victory.

Anonymous said...

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Richard K said...

Thanks! :-)