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Monday, March 4, 2013

Ontario's 3 Union Boss Stooges

The anarchists have taken the traditional labour role taken by the Mafia and biker gangs in the past- they’re simply criminal muscle to do the dirty work the rank and file don’t have the resolution to do themselves. The only real difference between what happens now and the tactics of the past is that the optics are different. In an increasingly transparent deception, anarchists use phrases like ‘social justice’ or ‘anti-fascist’ to cover their dark aspirations.

Many unions hide behind a the same veil of cognitive dissonance . It’s not the rank & file- most of them would be seriously shocked and angered if they knew what’s happening with their money. It’s the Trotskyite and other pro-violence executives who are behind the problem- they all too often use union resources to promote their partisan political activities. In January Sid Ryan, who’s closely tied with the NDP, openly admitted this- saying that the labour movement will no longer have peace with Ontario Liberals.

At Thursday’s Rally Sid Ryan, Tony DePaulo of the Steelworker’s Union, and Ken Lewenza of the Canadian Auto Workers all made very passionate speeches, and all three yelled out complaints that the cops were doing their jobs- Ryan, in particular, has a history of angry tirades towards the police. But then, only moments later, Ryan and Lewenza  start getting into a pushing match with the police- screaming at them while trying to block a privately owned road.

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The Hammer said...

These babies will be crying about the G20 until the day they die.