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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Venezuelan government upset with Stephen Harper's "insensitive" comments about the death of their monstrous dictator

OTTAWA — Venezuela has sent a formal protest to the Canadian government for Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “insensitive” remarks on the death of President Hugo Chavez.  

Harper issued a statement that offered “condolences to the people of Venezuela,” but not the family of the flamboyant 58-year-old leftist leader, who died Tuesday after a long battle with cancer.

A statement from a senior Venezuelan government official says a “card of protest” was sent to Ottawa after Harper expressed what he called insensitivity at a time when their country is grieving.

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The Hammer said...

BBC had a list of responses to Chavez's death from various countries around the world. I thought Canada's and Mexico's were the best. Chavez feuded bitterly with Mexico over the Cemex takeover.

Colombia, another country Chavez undermined and feuded with, had a very well thought out response. Chavez death will only improve the stability of Colombia. A country which is slowly getting past violent instability does not need to make things worse by dancing on Chavez's grave.