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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Heterosexual U of Ottawa student showing support for Gay Pride chastised for wearing "too much pink"

The hyper-politicized environment at University of Ottawa, already notorious for a student mob that shut down a talk by conservative pundit Ann Coulter three years ago, has highlighted its own ridiculousness yet again.

Soon to be in trouble at
U of O for hegemonic appropriation of
a Gay identifier
A straight student named Cody Boast who attended a campus Pride event to show solidarity with Gay students was told to change his clothes because he was "wearing too much pink."
Boast, who identifies as heterosexual, says he was there only to show support for the LGBTQ community, and was surprised that the incident occurred; nonetheless, he heeded Hammett’s orders.  
“I didn’t want to fight with her, so I changed,” said Boast.  
“[She told me] it’s like dressing up like Bob Marley at a Black History Month event,” he continued.


The Hammer said...

For the left being offended is a way of life. Does not matter what you do or say they will be offended.

Anonymous said...

I've seen plenty of white people dressing up like Rastas to look like Bob Marley, all with the enthusiastic approval of white liberal authority figures. In addition, they did this to make money at external DJ gigs while promoting themselves as volunteers at a certain now-defunct Toronto community radio station. This pink wearing guy was just not "in with the in-crowd", so he got to be bullied.

Anonymous said...

May 22, 2013 See the Ottawa Citizen story about this guy sentenced to 14 months:

"Former MP’s assistant who stalked, harassed, bullied ex-girlfriends gets 14 months in jail"

"A former Conservative MP’s assistant was sentenced to 14 months in jail after pleading guilty to harassing two ex-girlfriends. Cody Boast, 22, covered his face as he cried in the prisoner’s box during the decision"