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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

CBC Radio's bias against Israel

For a lot of unthinking leftists, one of their mantras is that they can't be a self respecting self-identified "progressive" without harboring a hatred for Israel.

Most of these people have at best a superficial understanding of the issues involved and little or no historical knowledge of the Israeli/Arab conflict nor any real knowledge of the middle east's geopolitical realities.

But at the CBC, the ability to stare at a camera or speak into a microphone with a smooth voice is a frequent substitute for actual insight and intellect. So the reflexive anti-Israel bias at the CBC against the one truly progressive democracy in a region beset with fanaticism, violence, ethnic conflict and intolerance regularly comes through.

The efforts of Honest Reporting Canada (HRC) have forced the CBC to correct themselves and admit to these biases on innumerable occasions.  Their work is so effective that it led David Heap, a pudgy, unkempt organizer of the Sea Hitler Gaza boat to bemoan that CBC reporters had privately told him they would like to do more stories on Palestine, but the focus from HRC had made their editors wary of it.

That assessment is probably more true of CBC television than radio. The Ceeb's radio service must figure that what they broadcast to their small audience goes largely unnoticed. Most of the people who do dial in to CBC Radio 1 probably only half-listen to the tedious, uninformed droning of its hosts.

But on occasion, their bias is so egregious that it does call out for attention and in today's Toronto Sun, HRC's Mike Fegelman wrote a column addressing an outrageous CBC Radio interview that portrayed Israel as a nation of child abusers. The tax-funded state broadcaster's  report was so distorted and absent of context it could be held up as a showpiece of propaganda.

You can read Mike Fegelman's response at the HRC website.


The Hammer said...

This HRC looks like an excellent group. Is their focus only on the middle east and Israel? If not then I am sure I can suggest some Toronto Red Star articles for them to look at. Particularly when it comes to their glorification of G20 black bloc vandals. And they certainly could have a field day going through the Rabble website.

Anonymous said...

R00STER - Honest Reporting originates from Israel, however they have Honest Reporting Canada as well. I subscribe to both newsletters and they really are excellent, especially for anyone who has no direct experience with Israel and are captives of our biased anti-Israel media as is typical of CBC.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how flippant people are when it comes to hurling rocks. Rocks are weapons and the clear intent is to hurt others, and it is not rocket science to realize that a rock in the head often kills.

"After all, kids will be murderers" is the real statement this interviewee really said.