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Friday, March 8, 2013

Critique of Women's Studies goes on at U of Toronto despite threats

I didn't make it to the Fiamengo speech at the University of Toronto last night, but expected it would be well covered.
Josh Dehaas from Macleans On Campus was there and wrote up a good report:
Only one person really lost her temper, after making a thought-provoking query about the impact of Fiamengo’s assertion that “children need their fathers” on lesbian parents. Fiamengo responded by suggesting there’s research that children do better in two-parent households. She didn’t like the answer. “That’s heteronormative bullshit,” the woman screamed, before a dramatic exit.

I don’t know that Fiamengo made a sound academic case. What I do know is that she deserves respect for gathering evidence and calmly presenting it. She also offered advice all students should heed. “Educate yourselves so you can challenge [each other],” and, “do it will style, not hatred.”

She’s right on that. The freedom to debate unpopular ideas is something universities have a duty to protect. On Thursday night at the University of Toronto, that ideal was challenged but prevailed.

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The Hammer said...

A very good quote in there.