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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hypocrites, censors and idiots assailing silly U of Toronto Men's Rights group

Finding someone with a perceptive, analytical, intelligent mind in a university Women's Studies course, either as a student or instructor,  is possibly a greater challenge than finding a Rabbi in Mecca during the Haj.

Their classes are filled with bitter women carrying more chips on their shoulders than you'd find at a lumberjack contest. They are punctuated by a few spotty, desperate males hoping to ooze into some action by demonstrating their subservience to dominant womankind. These classes are filled with facial piercings and tattoos aplenty, and you'll never see less than half a dozen of those miserable creatures draped with kefiyehs as a radical fashion statement, regardless of the time of year. These are the types of students who want a degree, but lack the brains to qualify for medicine, or physics, or engineering, or law, or English Literature, or remedial basket weaving.

Of course there are some who register just to find a date, since being an unattractive, overweight lesbian presents a number of practical obstacles to finding romance in the outside world.

One of the strange phenomenons that the idiocy of Women's and Gender Studies courses has given rise to is the reactionary Men's Rights Movement. The participants in Men's Rights groups are not, despite claims of moronic Women's Studies students, "rape and incest apologists" but a bunch of dorky guys who want some "man time."  As they want it in wonky university environments, they have to give it some sort of academic and `social justice`pretense for official recognition.

It wouldn't bother the Women's Studies thugettes as much if these men wanted gender segregation for the purpose of a big, sweaty Gay orgy of invasions which would undoubtedly increase their empathy with the female experience. But as they are mostly heterosexual males who really just want to be able to drink beer and play video games without some chick making them talk about their feelings, feminist outrage has understandably ensued.

Part of the problem is that the men in "Men's Rights" groups must spend too much time in university classes where Women's Studies students are picking up other credits, or in government-funded workplaces that employ too many people with sociology degrees. Aside from the idiocy those environments present, and assuming you're never litigated in Family Court, men's rights aren't being assailed too vigorously and anyone who thinks otherwise is probably living in an insular bubble.

At least it seemed that way until Feminazis helped by making the Men`s Rights groups' points for them.

Radical feminists deplore the term `Feminazi.`They see themselves as social justice martyrs, and how dare anyone compare their heroic, hairy-armpitted activism with Hitlerism!?!

But what else can you call violent, hateful fanatics who use thuggish tactics and intimidation (see video below)  to try to suppress something as benign as a conversation about male suicide rates and the (alleged) difficulty of being a male in the modern world. And all because it offends their hysterical sensibilities.

There is a laughable irony to a group of people who, as a whole are enthusiastic supporters of the anti-Semitic Israeli Apartheid Week and call mere condemnation of it "an attack on free speech" while they violently try to prevent points of view other than their own from being expressed.

Following the violent melee and attempted censorship of a Warren Farrell  lecture on "Men's Rights"  at the University of Toronto (along with gross misrepresentations of his statements and writing) by that university's Women's Studies students last November, they are now enraged that another lecture criticizing the idiocy of their field of "study" is allowed to be taking place at the same school.

This time the lecturer is a woman; a professor from that bastion of neo-Conservative ideology, the University of Ottawa, by the name of Janice Fiamengo.

Professor Fiamengo's speech will, in the word of the event's organizers, discuss  "the problems of academic feminism at Canadian universities: dubious scholarship, indoctrination, dogmatic teaching approaches, limitations on free speech, effects of “equity hiring,” and the consequences for men in the humanities "

A worthwhile subject, totally within the purview of academic discourse, and so naturally, Women's Studies Feminazis and the totalitarians at the socialist, regressive NDP and Union-controlled website rabble.ca want it shut down.

One of the outcomes of the violent protest at the Farrell lecture was that some of the protest leaders were named and shamed by a US-based "Men's Rights" website. That tactic may be the best way of dealing with those who would like to hide in a mob while trying to take away other people's rights.

According to an article in Metro News:
Heather, a feminist and social justice advocate, says at least one of those young women has been exposed to online bullying and harassment. For that reason, she doesn’t want to see the Janice Fiamengo talk go forward. However, she doesn’t know if she will take place in any kind of protest because she fears the backlash.

Heather, who asked her last name be withheld because she doesn’t want to become a target for harassment, said she doesn’t think a talk criticizing women’s studies belongs at the University of Toronto.

“That in itself is disrespectful to all of the female students and staff at U of T,” she said.

A bully who complains about not participating in an attempt to bully others because she is afraid of being bullied is just one of the astounding ironies you can chalk up to the hypocritical idiots populating Women's Studies courses.  Extrapolating academic criticism of Women's Studies programs to being "disrespectful to all of the female students and staff at U of T" is another.  But that is to be expected from people in an academic field that endeavors to restrict academic expression it finds offensive.

The lecture by Janice Fiamengo will occur Thursday, March 7 at 7 pm in the University of Toronto's George Ignatieff Theatre. The talk itself should prove interesting, but there is every possibility the real excitement will take place on the way in.


The Hammer said...

You can bet if it was an anti-Semitic Islamic "Scholar" coming to give a lecture the University would punish anyone who protested.

Anonymous said...

Men's rights groups have formed to address serious issues affecting males in our society that have been ignored for decades since the rise of third-wave feminism. The vilification and lampooning of men in our culture, high suicide rates (3 times higher than women), the "boys crisis" that has seen boys failing academically in school at alarming rates as the focus has shifted to the academic success of girls, plummeting rates of entry to post-secondary education by young men, a family court system heavily biased against fathers, a failure to recognize that fully half of the victims of domestic violence are men (yet are denied service at most tax funded shelters), subject to extreme discrimination in health care, discriminatory hiring practices biased against men, and the list goes on.

This is not a bunch of "dorky guys" who want time to drink beer and play games. This is a growing movement of concerned men AND women who see troubling patterns emerging in our society as a result of what is now extremist feminism. The MHRM (Men's Human Rights Movement)seeks to redress this by raising awareness on what current feminist ideology has become and how it is adversely affecting men (and women). It is a movement that seeks true equality between the sexes.

Richard K said...

It's possible to be dorky AND be concerned with serious issues.