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Thursday, March 14, 2013

That'll learn ya! "Critical Thinkers" at Toronto District School Board complain to police about sarcastic blogger

At the Toronto District School Board and particularly at its ideological godmother, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, they claim their goal is to produce critical thinkers. What they don't tell you is that by their definition, "critical thinking" means to think exactly the way they tell you to, without dissent...or else.

A Toronto blogger who goes by the moniker Blazing Cat Fur has been at the forefront of exposing the hypocrisy as well as the sheer idiocy promoted by the TDSB and it looks like they finally had enough.

Yesterday morning,the mild-mannered, law-abiding blogger received a visit from not one but two Toronto Police Service Detectives to investigate a sarcastic comment left on his blog musing, "OISE and the TDSB need to be purged, or burnt to the ground whichever is more effective."

Interestingly, when my friend, Muslim reformer Tarek Fatah, received an actual death threat via social media from someone in Toronto, the police didn't think it was worth their time to bother with that.

As usual, the TDSB brain-trust has made themselves look stupid and Blazing Cat Fur, as well as other critics of the preposterous social engineering attempts by the public school board, will redouble their efforts to expose them.

Please check out BLAZING CAT FUR'S post on this HERE..

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The Hammer said...

They are just following in the communist tradition of suppressing free speech. Take heart, not all is lost. My sister is an OISE grad and teaches with the TDSB. She understands communism very well as, like me, has spent a lot of time living and traveling in Asia. This past Christmas she got me the book "Escape From Camp 14" about a man who was born into the North Korean Gulag. She assures me that most of her colleagues actually understand communism. It is a ruling elite in the TDSB which is the problem.