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Monday, March 25, 2013

Hamas directing human trafficking and organ theft in the Sinai

From CNN Correspondent Fred Pleitgen:

The philosophy of this branch of traffickers is the same as that of the criminals in Sudan and the Sinai: "Every action is permitted - kidnapping, torture, rape (used as a weapon of coercion), murder, the sale of human flesh on the organ market - in order to achieve the objectives of jihad: the imposition of Sharia, a world war for the unity of Islam, the conquest and forced conversion of "infidels", the elimination of the culture and of the political, economic and military system of the Western civilization, and - in the foreground, as a symbolic event - the destruction of the State of Israel. In Sudan, the organization trafficking in human beings and organs is a primary component of jihad, and even there the Rashaida jihadists are “doing the dirty work". After international actions reduced the spontaneous flow of refugees to the Sinai, they are now abducting people in refugee camps, primarily from Shagerab, which hosts over 30,000 desperate people, most of them very young. Kidnapping with demands for ransom has also taken place in Egypt and Libya. Every refugee kidnapped by the traffickers means roughly 20,000 dollars for armed fundamentalism. The turnover of trafficking is around $ 35 million per year. The Sudanese President, Omer Hassan al-Bashir, has acknowledged the role of the Rashaida tribe in the slave and organs trade, but says he is unable to counteract this crime or even prevent arms depots being set up in Sudan.

Last year, Israel bombed one of these deposits while the Mossad is constantly on the lookout for others. EveryOne Group has been reporting this close cooperation between Hamas (which is part of the Muslim Brotherhood) and jihadist traffickers for years, and has provided ample evidence

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