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Friday, March 29, 2013

Screaming monkeys of York University act like hateful bigots

Resembling monkeys flinging around their own feces, shrieking, York University students jumped up and down during a meeting in which they repeated the notorious anti-Semitic canard that Zionism equals racism. By denying national self-determination to Jews while trying to validate it for every other group, they have firmly established their Jew-hating credentials.  Even the vociferously anti-Israel United Nations General Assembly voted to repeal the motion making that statement, but like most Communist-dominated institutions, the York Federation of Students, the radically politicized student union at York U, is living in a demented reflection of a disgraced past.

The purpose of the meeting was to vote for a resolution to boycott, divest and sanction Israel, the only genuine democracy in the middle east. The 200 students, many hijab-shrouded and over-representative of the Muslim Student Association and Communists, purposely held the vote during the Jewish holiday of Passover, knowing that most Jewish students would not be on campus to oppose it. To stack the deck further, Jewish student groups were not notified of the vote by the York student union that culls funds from them while working against their interests.

Joined by a few pathetic Munchhausen Jews (Jews who only profess their religion for the purposes of defaming Israel, or fake Jews who pretend to be members of the religion to get attention for themselves among anti-Israel fanatics) the resolution passed. The episode was yet another disgrace for one of the most discreditable universities in North America.

BlogWrath has a full report available through THIS LINK

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The Hammer said...

Wait for it. The pogroms will start up soon at York. You will see it. Pretty soon Jews will be attacked en mass. These radicals will see this vote as empowering them to drive all Jews off campus.