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Friday, March 8, 2013

TDSB spends money like water

To suggest Toronto District School Board trustees budget like drunken sailors would be an insult ... to drunken sailors.  

Thus it’s no surprise the TDSB is facing a $55-million deficit this year — last year it was $110 million — and has to cut several hundred teaching and other educational positions just to balance the books.  What else can we expect from a school board that maintains jobs the province doesn’t pay for and whose capital costs are out of control because it refuses to close half-empty schools?  

A board which pays unionized workers $3,000 to install an electrical outlet and $143 to screw in a pencil sharpener?  

About the only thing that can be said in defence of the fiscal idiots running the Toronto school board is that they have to answer to the even bigger fiscal idiots in Ontario’s Liberal government

h/t Matthew L

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