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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Brain damage is not a prerequisite for being a member of the Liberal Party of Canada

But the son of Liberal leadership candidate Joyce Murray is doing his best to convince us otherwise.

More on this rather old and pasty-looking "rap artist" at Blazing Cat Fur


David said...

That hip-hop video has moved me! After the Paul Martin Libs signed on for the F-35 in the first place and the Libs also gave the navy leaky surplus British subs, he makes some good points. It's like how 'Adscam' is written on Chretien's forhead when Harper didn't know about any low-level electoral fraud. I promise to vote Liberal if it prevents them from releasing any more rap videos.

dagawker said...

He must realize that by invoking the concept of Nixon,that he would immediately have to demand the question of Obama?