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Monday, March 11, 2013

Even the Globe's John Doyle thinks the CBC's multi-million dollar commercial for the NDP was a piece of crap

From John Doyle's review of Jack, the CBC's biopic of the NDP's late leader Jack Layton:

The movie is poor, an empty triumph of the sort of sentimentality that doesn’t resonate at all and doesn’t entertain. And it doesn’t matter, because what really happened at the end of Jack Layton’s life has already had its impact.

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The Hammer said...

It flopped because there is nothing about Jack to make it interesting. He is a run of the mill career politician whose greatest victory was coming in a distant second in the last federal election by pulling a fast one in Quebec. He is an excellent opportunist but that does not make for a great movie.

CBC apologists will point to the fact that this was a "Great Victory" because the NDP was able to become official opposition despite the young age of the party. Of course the party which actually won the election is half the age of the NDP. But CBC never uses the term "Great Victory" to describe them.