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Monday, March 25, 2013

Idiot anti-Israel protester claims professor is "racist" for referring to his college being full of cockroaches

The average anti-Israel protester may be brighter than a typical cockroach. But there isn't a huge amount of evidence to support that. They have, however been conditioned to claim that everyone they don't like is either a "racist" or a "bully" or a some other combination of buzzwords whose meaning they don't fully understand.

At Claremont College in Southern California, anti-Israel protesters set up a "checkpoint" where they stopped staff and students to subject them to harassment in the cause of their fanaticism.

Professor Yaron Raviv, an Israeli citizen who teaches Economic at the college, complained to campus security and the anti-Israel protesters were compelled to cease blocking the entry to the dining hall.

According to pro-Palestinian website Electronic Intifada, One of the protesters, Najib Hamideh, acted as if he had the authority to demand people's identity and asked the professor to identify himself and his reason for being at the college where he teachers.

Electronic Intifada reports,  the professor then responded, “Fuck off, you cockroach.”
According to Hamideh, Raviv next referred to all the Students for Justice in Palestine members as cockroaches, and then asked him which of the Claremont colleges Hamideh belonged to. When Hamideh replied that he attends Pitzer College, Raviv then responded that “all Pitzer kids are cockroaches,” Hamideh says.   
Hamideh, with the support of an apparently intellectually challenged professor named Daniel Segal is accusing Professor Raviv of racial discrimination. 

It is hard to describe the level of fatuousness belonging to anyone who would identify an insult towards a College as racial discrimination, but evidently these half-wits have reached it.

UPDATE: Tony Montana must have been a "racist" too

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The Hammer said...

Sounds like these guys could be followers of Sid Ryan.